Wednesday 1 December 2021


Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)
[#188 in 100 Films in a Year 2021]


Doctor Who: Twelve Angels Weeping by Dave Rudden
Introduction: Halfway Into the Dark
12. The Weeping Angels: Grey Matter

Dave Rudden has now written two collections of Christmas-themed Doctor Who short stories. Frankly, I hadn't really paid them any attention — nothing personal, I'm just not up-to-date with Who publishing in general — but then one of the stories from this first collection came up in a thread I happened to be reading on Twitter last month, and I looked into the books, and they seemed like good Christmastime reading. Plus, there's a total of 25 stories across the two volumes — how perfectly advent-y! So, I intend to read one a day between now and Christmas Day. We'll see how that goes...

Also: I'm not reading the book backwards for some reason — the chapter numbers count down, as in The Twelve Days of Christmas.