Sunday 13 November 2011


Have I Got News For You
42x04 (4/11/11 edition; extended repeat)

8x04 Risky Business

Junior Bake Off
Episode 7 (of 13)
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The Jury
2x01 Part 1 (of 5)
2x02 Part 2 (of 5)
Nine years after the first series (which, as you may remember, I watched last month, if you fancy a read of my thoughts), the second run of The Jury (shown in its entirety last week on ITV1) naturally features an all-new jury, all-new barristers and an all-new case. Same theme music though, which slightly surprised me. Once again we're not only following the trial but also the lives the jurors, which I suppose helps make it more than just "yet another crime drama, but dressed differently".
[Watch parts one and two (again) on ITV Player.]

this week on 100 Films

3 new reviews were posted to 100 Films in a Year this week, and they were...

Bringing Up Baby (1938)
it’s a little awkward to start with while one warms to Hepburn’s anarchic character, and it drags its heels a little through the middle, but by the time we reach the final act — when an array of characters and situations collide in a manic run-about too intricate to describe here — it all pays off marvellously.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)
the well-established Potter team have created one of the series’ best instalments here. Long gone is the cartoonish frivolity of Chris Colombus’ opening pair of Children’s Films — this is Potter at his darkest... a grim, oppressive world, where our trio of heroes are completely removed from the safety of school and on the run as fugitives.

Young Guns (1988)
Considering this is ‘the Brat Pack Western’, one might well expect a modernised, sanitised West; something rated PG-13. Instead the film seems to have begun life as a serious attempt at a Billy the Kid biography, right down to bloody violence that earns it an 18. This intention seems to survive — bar a music-video-styled opening, a couple of lines of dialogue and the wailing ’80s guitar score — but how successful it was is another matter.

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