Monday, 13 June 2011


Episode 1 (of 5)
New five-part thriller by Anthony Horowitz, which was shown one-per-day last week. Last time ITV had a five-part Horowitz-penned drama in one week it was a bit rubbish, but Injustice gets off to a more promising start bit doesn't hold a candle to recent high-quality output in the genre (the likes of The Shadow Line, for instance), with it's irritatingly clich├ęd characters and leaden expositional speeches, but it holds promise in some of it's mysteries. It remains to be seen if certain elements have relevance or if that's just a side effect of he odd/sluggish pace.
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Robot Chicken
3x16 Boo Cocky
3x17 Bionic Cow
3x18 Monstourage
3x19 President Evil
3x20 Chirlaxx [season finale]
And that's that done too. Now I need to find another comedy series to fill my lazy late nights...


Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau: 'Iron Man 3 will be tricky' by Tara Fowler
(from Digital Spy)
on how the release of The Avengers will affect Iron Man 3... "I guess in comics you can say that it's an individual storyline and you can break it off into a group," said Favreau. "But in movies, it's hard not to take into consideration what just happened. What are you gonna say? 'They all just lost their cell phones and you can't get help?' So it's going to take a lot of ingenuity to make it make sense to a mainstream film audience"