Friday, 26 July 2013


The Americans
1x03 Gregory

Top Gear
20x04 (21/7/13 edition)
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Complete Series Seven Boxed Set announced
by Chuck Foster (from Doctor Who News)

Once upon a time, Doctor Who DVDs came with commentaries on every single episode. Sometimes there were additional commentaries online, meaning there are a good few episodes with two of the things. Now, we get a 15-episode set with just four tracks. To rub salt in the wound, none are on any of Amy & Rory's final episodes. Not a one.

Oh, wait, did I say "15-episode set"? Because apparently the 2011 Christmas special isn't included. 'Complete' my whatsit! But the set does include the prequel to that special, just to make sure you know the episode itself isn't there.

And to top it off, it looks as though we may be missing an extra from the US release. I don't know if I care about seeing "Doctor Who on The Nerdist" -- I probably don't, in fact -- but it's the principle.