Monday 27 October 2014


The 10th Kingdom
Part 9 (of 10) [2nd watch]
Part 10 (of 10) [2nd watch]

As previously alluded, this will be 100 Films 2014 #104a.

Doctor Who
14x13 The Face of Evil Part One

This is set in a forest/jungle... and that's about the best connection to Saturday's episode that I could muster. Maybe something like The Seeds of Doom or Terror of the Vervoids would've been appropriate, but the former's a six-parter and the latter's at the heart of Trial of a Time Lord, so they're no-gos. Besides, I've never seen this one, so that's a bonus.

(Plus, if you think Steven Moffat was the first person to split a season of Who in two so the layperson might think it was a new run, you'd be wrong: when The Face of Evil began in January 1977 it was billed as a "new series" in the Radio Times thanks to a five week break from the end of the preceding serial. Considering Sarah Jane left during the last lot of episodes, and this introduces her replacement companion, perhaps that was a sound idea.)

Wallander [Swedish]
3x06 Sorgf├ągeln (aka The Sad Bird) [series finale]

The end! A good, if sad, finale.