Sunday 25 December 2022


Blankety Blank
2x10 Christmas Special [season finale]
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Christmas Comedy Club with Lost Voice Guy (2022)
They did one of these last year, and on ITVX there's no way to differentiate between the two (other than reading the full blurb, which lists the guests; and then to know whether you're watching 2021's or 2022's, you'd have to know who appeared on each). In other words: ITVX still has some work to do.
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Luke Evans: Showtime
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Only Connect
18s01 Christmas: Polyhymnians v Channel Islanders
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Richard Osman's Festive House of Games
1x03 Week 1: Wednesday
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Wonderland: The Story of Christmas

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Firstly, as it's Christmas Day, a short seasonal message from

Aside from that, the big news this week was that I've officially given up on the eponymous challenge for this year. More on that here...

Abandoning the 100 Films Challenge 2022
Why? When I’m so close and it seems so possible, why? Well, it may look doable on paper, but it isn’t in real life. Not this particular real life, for me, here in 2022. Not for any grand or scary reason; just simple scheduling.
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Aside from that, 5 new reviews were posted...

2022 | Week 35
- Mona Lisa (1986)
- Mirror (1975)
- Clerks (1995)
- Persuasion (2022)
- He Walked by Night (1948)
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More next Sunday... although, as that's New Year's Day, maybe not.