Tuesday 16 May 2023


4x01 A Fat Bald White Man
[Watch it (again) on Channel 4.]


2000 AD #2312
The bumper-length end-of-year Chrismas Prog for 2022 — so I'm only about five months behind still. At 100 pages, it's about three times as long as a regular issue (appropriate, as it covers for three weeks of the normally-weekly comic), so I ended up only reading the first half today.


Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio & Robert De Niro On How They Found The Emotional Handle For Their Cannes Epic Killers Of The Flower Moon
by Mike Fleming Jr (from Deadline)

A fantastic piece on Scorsese's new film. It begins with the backstory and the thoughts of DiCaprio and De Niro, and then there's an extended interview with Scorsese where he also talks about his general thoughts/experience of making films right now. Great stuff.