Thursday, 22 September 2022


Return to Monkey Island

Another hour-and-a-half today brings me to almost 10 hours of playtime. Truly, it's flown by — based on my other recent gaming experiences, this doesn't feel like I've been playing for that long (even compared to solid-gold classics like the original couple of Monkey Islands). It really is superb.

Not sure how much is left, though. Feels like there must be a fair bit to go, but also like I'm getting towards the end (I'm in Part IV and I'm pretty sure Part V is the climax). I'll be sad when it's over...


Radiance: An Interview with Fran Simeoni
by Man v Film on YouTube

This is a fantastic interview with the founder of Radiance, the new boutique Blu-ray label, about their opening slate of ten films. Of those titles, there were quite a few (okay, most) that I'd never even heard of, so this is a superb introduction — now I want almost all of 'em (my poor wallet!)

Plus, some discussion about the label's birth and plans for its future. All really interesting stuff.