Wednesday, 11 September 2013


8x03 What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Doctor Who
8x04 Terror of the Autons Episode Four

Despite the title, I think it's fair to say this is definitely a Master story with the Autons re-employed as his drones. Which is fair enough, what with this being his introductory adventure 'n' all. Whether it was a wise idea to include him in every single story of season 8 or not is another matter... one I won't be finding out about, because of course we're toddling on to something else.

Three best things in this story:
1) The UNIT family, feeling properly established. Yes, season 7 had a version of it, but I don't think it clicked as well as this.
2) The Master. Delgado really hits the ground running.
3) The Autons are better served overall by Spearhead from Space, but some moments here -- the suffocating chair, the freaky troll-doll, the policemen who take the Doctor and Jo at the end of episode two, etc -- are some of their most effective of all.

Marred only by some dodgy direction, over-reliance on blue screen, and those Auton voices -- and, actually, some rush-resolved subplots, like that poor susceptible manager of the plastics factory -- Terror is a good story overall.

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