Tuesday, 7 August 2012


London 2012 Olympics
Day Eleven

A less varied day today -- just cycling and athletics -- though with glimpses and smidgens of gymnastics and triathlon; and all wrapped up and summarised, of course, by Olympics Tonight.

[Watch Tuesday's Olympics Tonight (again), as well as loads of live coverage from the BBC.]


Joe Carnahan Close to Daredevil, Fantastic Four Characters Could Go Back to Marvel
by Silas Lesnick (from SuperHeroHype)

Well now here's a twist! Everyone was assuming Fox would have to either rush a new Daredevil film into production or let the rights slip back to Marvel, something they clearly don't want -- he's a popular character and we're still in an age of incredibly successful superhero movies. But instead it looks like they're offering Marvel selected characters from the Fantastic Four licence (which they also want to hang onto) in return for longer to make Daredevil.

But other reports say it may be something completely different, and much more normal, that they're considering: co-funding. Blah. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

Joss Whedon Signed for The Avengers 2 and Marvel Live-Action TV Series
by Peter Sciretta (from /Film)

Hurrah! And for a clarifying Disney statement too, see here.

Now just gotta see the first one...