Saturday 5 November 2011


Downton Abbey
2x06 Episode 6
So, the war is over, and the house, staff and patients mark it with a big silence at 11am on 11th November... Shame ITV couldn't've scheduled this series better so as to land this episode closer to / on Remembrance Sunday, really.
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4x06 A Servant of Two Masters
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2x04 Episode 4
With series three now underway, I really should get more of a wriggle on with this. But it's so good it feels wrong to rush it. This episode, yet more speedily-arrived big twists. Writer/creator Howard Overman certainly doesn't let his ideas come close to outstaying their welcome.
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2000 AD #1754
This Prog's ECBT 2000AD reviews:
  • visual review
  • Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Elusive Part 02
  • Ampney Crucis Investigates... The English Assassin Part Five
  • Future Shocks Hacked
  • Angel Zero Part 04
  • Low Life The Deal Part 5
  • The uber-meta Future Shock is awesome, and about a gazillion times better than bloody Indigo Prime which it replaces (but only for a couple of Progs -- boo!) The script by Simon Spurrier is cleverly self-refential, while Jon Davis-Hunt's detailed art is every bit how I like comics to look. Apparently he drew a Dredd strip in a Megazine I've yet to read, so I look forward to that.
    Mind you, Rob Williams' hilarious ("by all things legally binding!") and inventive (Dirty Frank's use of his kaiju) script, plus D'Israeli's gorgeous black-white-grey art, mean Low Life runs it close for best Thrill of the Prog.