Monday, 6 August 2012


London 2012 Olympics
Day Ten

An increasingly eclectic selection of viewing, it feels like: starting with Beth Tweddle's bronze (hurrah for her!) in the gymnastics and continuing with synchronised swimming (weird); then there was Jason Kenny's gold in cycling, and finally a largely disappointing evening of athletics.

Today also saw Team GB take a team gold on the horsies. Didn't see that live, but such things are what Olympics Tonight is for.

[Watch Monday's Olympics Tonight (again), as well as loads of live coverage from the BBC.]


Medals Per Capita

Subtitles Olympic Glory in Proportion, this site includes all sorts of ways of looking at one piece of data: the amount of Olympic medals won by each country. There are all sorts of ways to cut it up, and you can do it by every individual Olympics or an All Time list.

Current favourite has to be London 2012 Weighted Medals per Capita, which shows how well every nation is doing in the current games relative to the size of their population. Britain places 8th; the next nearest country with a population comparable to ours is France, in 22nd; the next nearest nation with a similarly high weight score is the USA, in 30th (I say "similarly" -- it's still much higher).

Basically, it proves how bloody amazingly we're doing.