Sunday 5 January 2020


Doctor Who
38x02 Spyfall Part Two
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3x11 City of Angels?
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Not Going Out
10x06 Whodunnit?

Vienna Blood
1x03 The Lost Child [season finale]
[Watch the it (again) on iPlayer.]

this week on 100 Films

Over at 100 Films in a Year, I'm part way through my review of last year. It all started with the usual look back at the last month...

...and has continued with these...

2019: The Full List
Here we are once again, dear readers: another year over, another long list of films. The final tally of new feature films I saw in 2019 is 151.
Read more here.

My Most-Read Posts of 2019
2019 may’ve given us the highest grossing film of all time, but TV reviews once again dominate my most-viewed posts of the year... But this is still theoretically a film blog, so — as usual — I’ve compiled my five most-read TV posts and then my five most-read film reviews.
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I would like to have had the entire review of the year up by now, but I've been busy this weekend. More of it next Sunday.