Thursday 18 August 2011


4x52 (16/8/11 edition)
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2x05 A Cold Heaven Part 1
Things aren't looking good for our Jack... but there's still a whole episode to go. Considering the relatively low ratings this has apparently been getting (scheduled against both Torchwood and The American Killing, I'm not massively surprised), I hope there's some comeuppances to be had in the final episode.
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Torchwood: Miracle Day
4x06 The Middle Men
On the one hand I feel this season is still improving; on the other it's still kind of... clumsy. It's lacking the right kind of subtlety that made Children of Earth so good, or makes other US imports (which is what this really is now) so popular. It's also lacking the regular utter barminess that made Torchwood so Torchwoody, actually -- I can see why so many still see it as a failure.
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Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner film by Justin Harp
(from Digital Spy)
Well, I didn't expect that! I knew someone had bought the rights to Blade Runner and so a prequel/sequel was inevitable (as they're not allowed to do a remake), but I didn't think Sir Ridley would sign up. This could be interesting... or disappointingly awful.

The Walking Dead: Why Frank Darabont Was Fired & The Chaotic Aftermath by Anthony Ocasio
(from Screen Rant)
Here's something I forgot to mention a few days ago. You may have heard that filmmaker Frank Darabont had left as showrunner of The Walking Dead; you may even have heard that he'd actually been fired; but this is a fuller version of what went on. Not good, really.