Saturday 6 November 2021


The Great British Bake Off
12x04 Dessert Week
[Watch it (again) on All 4.]

6x10 Partners 'Til the End [series finale]
[Watch it (again) on Netflix.]

Richard Osman's House of Games
5x26 Week 6: Monday
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Richard Osman's House of Games Night
2x06 Group 2: Final [season finale]
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Royal Wedding (1951)
[#180 in 100 Films in a Year 2021]

Collection Count

Collection Count tracks my DVD/Blu-ray collection via a number of statistics every week.

Another load of new additions this week, again thanks to sales. It's made up of two Criterions from the current UK 2-for-£25 offer; three Masters of Cinema titles from Zavvi's 20% off offer; and six Indicator titles from Powerhouse's 5th anniversary sale. That's 11 newcomers — one of them a DVD upgrade (two of them, actually, but in one case I'm hanging onto the DVD for now), so a net total of 10 new titles. That's actually a fairly large increase for a single week, but after last time's record-pushing 13, it's doesn't seem quite so busy.

Oh, and I've landed on exactly 2,700 titles, which is a nice round number. Cool.

Number of titles in collection: 2,700 [up 10]
Of which DVDs: 1,061 [down 1]
Of which Blu-rays: 1,639 [up 11]
— of which Ultra HD Blu-rays: 129 [no change]

Number of discs in collection: 6,779 [up 10]
Number of films: 3,154 [up 10]
Number of additional cuts: 235 [up 2]
Number of TV episodes: 9,115 [no change]
Number of short films: 890 [up 3]

Also this week, it's time for the monthly running time update. Well, it's more than time, because it's two weeks late — making this more like the month-and-a-half-ly running time update...

Total running time of collection (approx.):
487 days, 19 hours, and 8 minutes.
(Up 2 days, 22 hours, and 6 minutes from last month.)

That's a pretty large increase... except it's got 1½ times as many weeks in it as normal, so it's not a fair comparison. Ho hum.

See you next week, faithful reader.