Saturday 28 July 2012


Christopher Nolan’s goodbye letter to the Batman franchise
Taken from The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Plus various articles on the Olympics...

Media reaction to London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony
(from BBC News)
A summary of media reaction from at home and abroad. I particularly like the Washington Post's thoughts:
If the opening ceremonies of the London Games sometimes seemed like the world's biggest inside joke, the message from Britain resonated loud and clear: We may not always be your cup of tea, but you know - and so often love - our culture nonetheless.

NBC's opening ceremony mess: the top six cringeworthy moments
by Paul Harris (from the Guardian)
Sounds like the US coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony was offensively bad. Here are the low-lights.

Olympics ceremony: 27m UK viewers watched opening
(from BBC News)
The UK's TV audience for the Olympic opening ceremony peaked at 26.9m... The average viewing figure for Friday's four-hour show was 22.4m, making it the UK's 13th most watched programme ever.

The programme also had an 82% share - almost twice that of the previous high for an Olympic opening ceremony, in Barcelona in 1992.

Opening ceremony a celebration -- of protest and dissent
by Alex Wolff (from London 2012 at
A good piece by a US journalist on what the ceremony really represented.