Wednesday 17 August 2022



An hour and 25 minutes today, slightly contradicting what I said yesterday. Well, part of that was me trying desperately not to use the walkthrough when I got stuck... but I eventually gave in. Most of the time, when I do, the solution is so obscure that I'm not surprised I didn't work it out, so I don't feel too bad. (And sometimes, I think I should've tried harder first.)

Also, I now have 58% of achievements. If they're evenly spaced (which they might not be) then I've still got quite a bit of the game to go. That said, these can't all be linear achievements, because these most recent ones are "uncommon", with only 14–17% of players achieving them; but there are some I haven't got with commonness ratings up to 34%. They're all 'secret' so I have no idea what they entail, but presumably it's not just reaching unmissable points in the game (which, in a narrative point-and-click game like Deponia, I assumed they would be). Hmm...