Tuesday 16 October 2012


1x03 Ken on E
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The Great British Bake Off
3x10 The Final
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Have I Got News For You
44x01 (12/10/12 edition; extended repeat)
It's only four months since the last series ended?! It feels like forever when it's away.
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Dredd shows why the 3D film format is doomed… again
by Kieran Turner-Dave (from The Independent)

People have been decrying the death of the new 3D craze for years now, and still it totters along. On the one hand the evidence seems compelling -- see those changes in Pixar grosses -- but there's so much of the industry invested now (not just film production, but TV manufacturers, Blu-ray players and discs, TV channels, and so on) that you wonder if they'll just push through somehow.

Why did it take ten years to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon?
by David Allen Green (from New Statesman)

Or, "What you believe about the McKinnon extradition case is probably false". An interesting and informative read.