Saturday 25 April 2020


Doctor Who
4x36 The Faceless Ones Episode 6


Extraction (2020)
[#88 in 100 Films in a Year 2020]


Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish
[2nd listen]

I listened to this back when it came out in 2015 (I assumed I'd logged it here, but it seems not), but haven't listened to it in full since; though there are two tracks (Shudder Before the Beautiful and Alpenglow) that I've listened to over 100 times each (fun what you can learn from iTunes Apple's Music app).

Anyway, it was alright. Not my favourite. Their new album's out now but I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive.

Collection Count

Collection Count tracks my DVD/Blu-ray collection via a number of statistics every week.

Thanks in part to nothing turning up (when it should have) last week, this week is a record-breaker! It's the most new additions I've had in a single week since starting this column. The previous high was 14 in July 2011, but this week sees 18 new purchases for a +16 net (one DVD-to-BD upgrade and one BD-to-4K upgrade).

Now, I really must slow down my purchasing.

Number of titles in collection: 2,356 [up 16]
Of which DVDs: 1,108 [down 1]
Of which Blu-rays: 1,248 [up 17]
— of which Ultra HD Blu-rays: 48 [up 1]

Number of discs in collection: 6,097 [up 26]
Number of films: 2,758 [up 17]
Number of TV episodes: 8,807 [no change]
Number of short films: 719 [up 12]

All of that was just in time for the monthly running time update. Although there were lots of new titles and discs, many of them were quite short films, and the previous weeks of this month were nothing special, so this month's increase isn't huge (though there have been plenty lower).

Total running time of collection (approx.):
444 days, 22 hours, and 51 minutes.
(Up 1 day, 12 hours, and 54 minutes from last month.)

See you next week, faithful reader.