Sunday 14 May 2017


The British Academy Television Awards 2017
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The Flash
3x20 I Know Who You Are


Prometheus 3D (2012)
[2nd watch]

Rewatchathon 2017 #10

Coincidentally, it's 4½ years to the day since I first watched this. This is the first time in 3D, though. It was good. The 3D, that is. The film is still muddled.

this week on 100 Films

3 brand-new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week, and they were...

Hell or High Water (2016)
I don’t think it would be unkind to describe Hell or High Water as a genre picture: it’s a crime thriller about bank robbers and the police out to catch them, with its setting and tone also bringing something of the Western... There is something more to it than that though, which might explain its slightly incongruous presence among 2017’s Best Picture nominees. In part it’s a social drama, the characters’ motivations based in very topical concerns... In another part it’s a character drama. Indeed, the acting is the best part.
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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)
I really wanted to enjoy this, because I have a soft spot for the original. Sure, it’s cheesy as hell, but mostly the cheese works thanks to an earnestness and some degree of emotion... This follow-up wants to do the same thing on a bigger scale, and it is indeed even cheesier at times, but not in the same likeable way. If the first is a tasty chunk of mature cheddar (which, for the purposes of this analogy, we’re going to say it is) then the second is a thin slice of processed burger cheese.
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Prometheus 3D (2012)
Watching in 3D is never going to gloss over Prometheus’ more fundamental flaws — it’s never going to make up for issues with the screenplay or the edit. What you do get is a sense that effort was made to make the 3D experience worthwhile. It may be an inessential component of the movie (a virtual necessity when there will always be people watching in 2D, of course), but it’s one that nonetheless adds an appreciable extra dimension.
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