Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The Great British Bake Off
2x09 Masterclass Part 1
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Never Mind the Buzzcocks
25x02 Episode 2
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5x31 (10/10/11 edition)
When asked to name languages the 2011 census was available in, more people said Polish than English. The Daily Mail would have a field day with that...
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It's new comics day! Except the perils of mail-ordering leaves me with these two just-arrived issues from last week's new comics, plus there's a variety of others I'm still bloody waiting for.

But hey, I'll get today's new lot on Saturday... if I'm lucky. It might be next Tuesday. Or next Wednesday. Or, based on this week, next Thursday. I ought to seek out a proper bricks-and-mortar shop...

Animal Man #1 by Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman
[2nd read]
My physical copy finally turned up, so this is a more-attentive-to-the-art print re-read. My first-reading thoughts are here.

Detective Comics #2 by Tony S. Daniel
This book seems to be receiving quite a mixed response, from the little I've read of general reaction, but I'm enjoying it. Some have complained that the Joker doesn't feature this issue, despite the first one's cliffhanger, but I think there's a bigger game at play here and it'll be interesting when he re-emerges.