Wednesday 7 August 2013


Cowboy Bebop
1x02 Stray Dog Strut
I think it's safe to say I'm going to like Ein...

Doctor Who
1x06 The Survivors
That was more like it! Bit of a nothing-y cliffhanger, but the rest was brilliant, especially the stuff with Susan running through the jungle -- tip-top direction there.

Dragons' Den
10x12 Episode 12 [season finale]
Had this one episode left over from last series. With the new one starting soon, it seemed about time!

Veronica Mars
2x06 Rat Saw God
I like VM, but this week they seemed to be having a competition to see who could mispronounce "Ibiza" most often in the space of 5 minutes, and for some reason they seemed to think you need an over-21 ID to go drinking in Europe! All a bit too... American.
Still, there was a Joss Whedon cameo, so that kinda made up for it.