Thursday 13 October 2011


The A to Z of Crime
Episode 6 UVWXYZ (of 6)
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Billy Connolly's Route 66
Episode 4 (of 4)
Really enjoyed this series. If you didn't see it, I recommend you find a way to catch it (it's all still on ITV Player, but only just), especially if you have any interest in America.
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Mock the Week
10x11 (6/10/11 edition)
This week's and next week's Radio Times seem insistent on labelling episode 12, the final episode, as episode 11 of 11. What?
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Perfect Couples
1x05 Perfect Jealousy
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5x32 (11/10/11 edition)
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Evanescence by Evanescence
I'd been unsure about bothering to get this, but then the reviews seemed decent. Suffice to say, despite five years since their last album and eight since their debut, not to mention numerous line-up changes, Evanescence still sound like Evanescence. Which has its pros and cons.