Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Ask Rhod Gilbert
2x05 Episode 5
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8x03 Charity Case

3x23 (1/10/10 edition)
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10x05 Episode 5
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Judge Dredd Megazine #313

That story that was on part seven last time? I give up. It makes no sense. Maybe if I'd been reading since the start... But no, I'm not wasting my time. It's called Numbercruncher, if you happen to care.

As for the others, to refer to them as I did last time: the Dredd was a two-parter that ends here, though leaves an intriguing Big Thing set up for the future. Look forward to that coming back. The one that was on part two (now three, obviously) is Samizdat Squad, and while I can follow it I don't especially care for it.

Finally, Anderson, Psi-Division (which was on part four and finishes this issue) has been a great little tale for the two parts I've read -- the only one I wish I'd been following since the start. I suppose I could always order back issues...


Joss Whedon on his secret film of Much Ado About Nothing: 'This is the best vacation I've ever taken' by Adam B. Vary
(from Inside Movies at EW.com)
First interview with Joss (plus stars Sean Maher and Amy Acker) about the just-wrapped/just-announced adaptation. Unsurprisingly, there's a tonne of new details in here.

The Jury returns after nine years in retirement by Vicky Frost
(from the Guardian)
Interview-y article about the Julie Walters-starring second series of The Jury, speaking to Walters and writer Peter Morgan. (Much better than Mark Lawson's faintly embarrassing article, where he goes on about it being a remake when (as numerous commenters point out) it isn't.)