Tuesday 23 August 2011


The Hour
1x05 Episode 5
1x06 Episode 6 [season finale]
A rather good final pair of episodes, I thought -- normally I'd've waited a week-ish before catching the finale, but the penultimate episode and its Next Time trailer led me to watch the last one live. A particularly tense closing episode, I thought, even if the thriller element was ultimately a little too complex for its own good, perhaps, or maybe inadequately explained.
Still, I enjoyed it overall, and another run would be welcome. Mixed critical reception and falling ratings may have seen to that, though.
[Watch episodes five and six (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

4x55 (19/8/11 edition)
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


2000 AD #1744
Catch-up is not progressing as one might have hoped. Must try harder still.
Incidentally, for added value, check out the strip-by-strip reviews of every prog posted at Everything Comes Back to 2000AD. The five for this issue can be found here, here, here, here and here... though sadly they've replaced one of their three regulars with someone who seems perpetually grumpy at every strip being halfway through, despite the fact he chose not to catch up on the previous parts.