Wednesday, 16 March 2011


24 Hour Panel People
Episode 3 (of 5)
Including Celebrity Juice, which is even worse than I always thought it was, something I didn't think possible. People actually watch this for pleasure? Really? Seriously? Seriously?
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Family Guy
2x08 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar [2nd watch]

Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2011
Episode 4 (of 4)
Very pleased about the winner. Made even better by seeing how annoyed the runner-up was, especially as he clearly thought he was going to win when the final two were announced. (In all honesty, I don't like him at the best of times, but that was especially satisfying.)
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1x01 Episode 1
Very good. I can see why there are constant comparisons to House in the press -- it's about a genius doctor, after all -- but they're also a tad unfair, because as a programme it's not really very like House.
I didn't like the music though; bit too far down the jolly route.
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