Wednesday, 13 November 2013


3x06 3XK
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Doctor Who
29x08 Human Nature [3rd watch]

After only reaching the Ninth Doctor on Monday (and concluding him yesterday), it's time for #bbbDW50 to race straight on to the Tenth Doctor. The anniversary's nearly here, lots of episodes to cram in!

What better one for November than this, which is set almost exactly 100 years ago and concerns itself with remembrance? OK, it would've been even better two days ago, but I didn't actually choose it for the neatness of the scheduling -- I chose it because it's a damn fine story, which I haven't seen for a number of years and wanted to watch again. And it really is brilliant, even if the cliffhanger is a little forced -- this is from the "a two-parter is one long story" school of thought, rather than the later "a two-parter is two connected single episodes" style.

I recently read someone assert that Human Nature exists purely to establish the fob watch so it can be used for the Master in the season three finale. I felt a bit sorry for them -- all that they're not seeing in this tale if they think it's just about that. Knowing how RTD writes, I always assumed the fob watch was part of this tale that he then realised could be co-opted for the Master's return, rather than the other way round. Not to mention that the novel this adapts pre-dates the TV version by over a decade.

4x21 The One with the Invitations [4th or so watch]
More accurately, The One with All the Clips From Previous Episodes. Especially grating when you're watching the whole show at a speedy rate.

The Graham Norton Show
14x05 (8/11/13 edition)
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