Tuesday 22 December 2020


The Goes Wrong Show
2x00 The Nativity [Christmas special]
The BBC list this as being in "series 2" but don't give it an episode number, so I'm assuming (hoping) it counts as a special and that means there's six more episodes on the way — because the more the better, in my opinion! Quite how they keep coming up with so much pure hilarity from what sounds like it should be an easily-exhaustible concept is beyond me.
[Watch it (again and again) on iPlayer.]

Small Axe
Lovers Rock
[#247 in 100 Films in a Year 2020]
This has been appearing on "best film of the year" lists — it was Sight & Sound's #1, even. I... had a very different reaction. I'm not a fan. [Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]