Wednesday 6 July 2011


2x10 El Secuestro
Archer seems to be going from strength to strength this season -- though, in fairness, it did in the first two. Indeed, this is currently sitting pretty as the best-rated episode ever at (see above link).
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Lead Balloon
4x06 End [series finale]
Jack Dee says this is the last episode ever. If so, I can see how that works as an ending. Despite the excruciating moments, I'll rather miss Lead Balloon. I think I joined it sometime in series two though, so I probably ought to go back and catch up on the beginning...
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Penn & Teller: Fool Us
1x03 Episode 3
Some absolutely brilliant magic tonight... but Penn & Teller weren't fooled once. Damn they're good.
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The Shadow Line
Part 5 (of 7)
See yesterday's Luther. Bit of a longer gap on this one, though -- five weeks (to the very day!), to be precise.
[The Shadow Line is out on DVD and Blu-ray as of last Monday.]

Spirit of Wimbledon
Part 3 Grass Rivals
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