Sunday 5 February 2012


Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic
1x01 Episode 1
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

5x54 (27/1/12 edition)

1x03 Episode 3
Somehow they managed to broadcast the first half-hour of this without any sound... and then out of nowhere cut to The Simpsons. Good thing Virgin have added Sky Anytime this month.


Uncanny X-Men #6 by Kieron Gillen & Greg Land


If 2012's Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth
by Ali (from The Shiznit)

Revisiting Alan Moore's Official Watchmen Prequel
by Timothy Callahan (from Comic Book Resources)
Amongst all the fuss around Before Watchmen, someone linked to this article from September 2008 looking back at the official Watchmen role-playing game, which was created with the help of Moore and Dave Gibbons while they were creating the very series on which it's based. Sounds fascinating, and a shame it's long out of print. Surely someone must have rights to re-print it?

this week on 100 Films

Just one new review was posted to 100 Films in a Year this week...

2000 AD (2000)
The centrepiece fist/foot fight takes place on the 32nd storey of a building. They really filmed it up there too. I learnt that from the DVD special features. It’s a shame, because you definitely get more of a feel for how dangerous and on the edge — literally — the fight was in some of the B-roll footage and interviews than you do from the movie itself: it’s covered almost entirely through low-angle shots, meaning it could just as well have been recreated on a ground-level mock-up as the actual rooftop.

We're now in February, as you may have noticed, so here's the monthly update for January.

And, as I linked to it on twitter, why not have a look at that on the new-look work-in-progress version of 100 Films. Feel free to have a look around there and let me know if you have any thoughts. Naturally the 2000 AD review is there too, as well as several others.

Yes, I know it's missing everything from before 2012 (for now). Aren't those chunky banner images -- different on every page -- awesome, though?

More next Sunday.