Sunday 15 January 2023


Richard Osman's House of Games
6x26 Week 6: Monday
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A Spy Among Friends
Part 6 No Man's Land [finale]
I wasn’t sure about this at the start — it all seemed a little too cut and dried; where was six episodes of drama supposed to come from? — but it developed nicely, with all the plots, counterplots, and twists of a Le CarrĂ©, but with the added frisson of knowing it was (based on) truth. A must-see for fans of Cold War spy tales.
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We may be over a fortnight into the new year now, but 2023 finally got underway on this week. First, with the introduction of this year's version of my 100 Films Challenge...

Then, as part of that, I announced the 12 films that make up my Blindspot list for this year...

And finally, the 12 films in my "What Do You Mean You Haven't Seen...?" sub-challenge...

Maybe next Sunday I'll actually have some reviews to share...