Sunday, 31 July 2011


Dragons' Den
9x01 Episode 1
After subjecting myself to an episode of the woeful US version, it's great to have the real Dragons' Den back. Even if new dragon Hilary Devey looks like a Doctor Who monster from the '80s, and her face looming from the shadows in the opening titles is liable to give people nightmares.
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Robin Hood (1973)
[multipleth watch]

I can never remember how often I watched things as a child. Not just a precise number -- that's understandable; I was a kid, of course I wasn't counting -- but whether I watched something many times or just once and it made an indelible impression. There have been many films that I can remember with crystal clarity, but I'm certain I've only ever watched once, so any film I feel I must've seen multiple times I always wonder: did I, or did it just imprint itself?

This is, obviously, one of those films. Hence why I have invented the word "multipleth", whose meaning is hopefully clear.

(It's "multiple-th", not "multi-pleth".)

DVD Extras

Super: Behind the Scenes
Aside from the theatrical trailer, the only extra on the UK Super BD. As 19-minute making-ofs go it's decent: as this was an indie film we're not subjected to the usual low-quality, vacant, promotion-focused talking heads commonly found in these featurettes; you might even learn a few things about the production; it's still slightly padded with clips, mind. More disappointing is that a tonne of stuff on the US release is missing. If I can get my hands on the US Best Buy version, I will.


5.1 Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
Finally had a flick through the Inception Blu-ray and one of the included extras is 39 minutes of Hans Zimmer's score, presented in 5.1 HD surround sound. It's really rather good. I may have to get round to buying the soundtrack now.

this week on 100 Films

Just 1 new review was posted to 100 Films in a Year again this week. It was...

Catfish (2010)
If you have any interest in the Internet and the way so many people now live their lives through it, with all the social networking it offers, and how that impacts back on their ‘real’ lives, then Catfish demands to be seen... As much as I loved The Social Network, this probably has more to say about the actual impact of Facebook on our lives than Fincher/Sorkin’s biopic does.

That's only two all month. Pathetic.

In about 11 hours you can see my summary of July's viewing, which is almost equally pathetic. It'll be available here then.

More, hopefully, next Sunday.