Thursday 11 October 2012


Comedy World Cup
1x04 Episode 4
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

Person of Interest
1x10 Number Crunch
Having started with no discernible arc plot(s), they've not only developed them but are really rattling on with them. I wonder if they have some very grand overarching plan, or are just going to burn out by the end of the first season, or start fast and then string things out forever...
[Watch it on Demand 5 from Tuesday 16th October.]

Red Dwarf
10x02 Fathers and Suns


This Batcave made of 20,000 LEGO bricks is fit for Bruce Wayne
by Cyriaque Lamar (from io9)

This. Is. Amazing. I want one.

More pics & stuff here and here.