Monday 21 February 2011


Baking Made Easy
1x06 Time to Bake [final episode]
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Due South
2x17 Red, White or Blue [2nd watch]

1x06 Episode Six
Surprised to find this reaching its series-opening flashforward near the start of the penultimate episode -- I'd assumed it'd be this one's ending, or somewhere in the finale. It's quite nice when a TV programme manages to genuinely surprise you in a good way.
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1x03 Episode 3
I've read Outcasts gets better as it goes on. While it has its moments -- as it has since the start -- there's not yet any sign of significant improvement.
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Yugo the Negotiator
1x04 Hero
Yugo continues its steady improvement with the kind of style I often like: a serial drama where each episode works as a standalone segment of the tale too. Here, Yugo has been captured by the terrorists and must prove his worth before negotiations can begin. The series also employs a technique used to Grown Up Clever Series like Mad Men: we're given individual scenes subtly furthering other plot threads with minimal explanation -- if you don't know what's going on they're a meaningless aside. That might sound obvious -- of course it's how you tell a story -- but, actually, many series wouldn't dare let them pass with so little explanation of what we're seeing.