Monday 19 August 2013


4x03 Legs
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Doctor Who
1x11 The Rescue
And so The Daleks comes to an end, with the titular adversary defeated forever. Yep, won't be seeing them again!

All in, the premiere appearance of the Doctor's greatest foe is an adventuresome romp, but with some nice sci-fi ideas and themes laced throughout -- exactly the kind of thing Doctor Who would become best at, really. I wouldn't say it's the best story of either the First Doctor nor the Daleks, but it's a good introduction.

Next time: the Second Doctor and co face the Ice Warriors.

Top of the Lake
Part 6 No Goodbyes Thanks [final episode]
Grim and bleak as you'd expect, and equally elliptical in its answers -- sure, most of the big mysteries were covered, but not always in full, and some things were definitely open to interpretation. Which is a good thing, I suppose.
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Veronica Mars
2x15 The Quick and the Wed