Sunday 20 March 2016


2x03 New York's Finest
2x04 Penny and Dime

Gilmore Girls
5x01 Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller [2nd watch]


The Descendants (2011)
[#57 in 100 Films in a Year 2016]

this week on 100 Films

Can you believe it's already been a month since my inaugural "Past Month on TV" post? I can't. Anyway, this week on 100 Films in a Year saw the second volume:

Back in the blog's raison d'ĂȘtre, 3 brand-new reviews were published...

47 Ronin (2013)
Blighted by behind-the-scenes difficulties, 47 Ronin wound up among the biggest box office bombs of all time — a fate not entirely undeserved.
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Amistad (1997)
Despite being “a slavery drama”, most of the film functions as a legal drama: though it begins with the slave uprising, and later has an extended flashback showing their kidnap and transportation, the thrust of the film lies in the courtroom arguments about who owns the ship’s ‘cargo’ and consequently what should be done with them.
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Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)
follows the shape of its forebear, but with less inventiveness and more comedy, both intentional and not: the villain’s weapon of choice is a collapsible stool. Each to their own.
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Also, my 100 Favourites series continued with 2 more posts...

Conspiracy (2001)
“A group of men have an administrative meeting” is possibly the least exciting logline for a movie you could ever read, but when those men are Nazis, at the height of the Third Reich’s pomp and opulence, and the businesslike meeting is to plot one of the greatest atrocities ever committed by mankind, it becomes horrendously fascinating.
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Daredevil (2003)
The runt of the litter when it comes to the (first) modern explosion of superhero movies, Daredevil has, believe it or not, always had its fans. [...] Okay, the Netflix series has now easily surpassed it, but the Daredevil movie is still a moderately underrated film for its era.
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