Saturday 12 November 2022


Doctor Who
Shada Episode Four
For a story written in 1979 and designed to go out to general audiences on BBC One, all the stuff about Time Lord tech and history does feel remarkably fanwanky. It seems much more at home as a BBCi webcast from 2003.


Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

Collection Count

Collection Count tracks my DVD/Blu-ray collection via a number of statistics every week.

In what regular readers will know is a rarity, there's nothing at all to report this week! Well, except that I noticed something in my collection actually had three short films where previously I'd counted none, so that stat goes up all by itself.

Number of titles in collection: 2,956 [no change]
Of which DVDs: 1,041 [no change]
Of which Blu-rays: 1,915 [no change]
— of which Ultra HD Blu-rays: 209 [no change]

Number of discs in collection: 7,310 [no change]
Number of films: 3,550 [no change]
Number of additional cuts: 290 [no change]
Number of TV episodes: 9,432 [no change]
Number of short films: 1,013 [up 3]

See you next week, faithful reader, when there should definitely be some new additions — although just how many is at the whims of distributors getting titles out on time...