Wednesday 22 February 2012


10 O'Clock Live
2x02 (15/2/12 edition)
For all its variability, sometimes the 10 O'Clock Live team manage a whole episode that clicks, and I thought this was one.
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The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins
5x06 (18/2/12 edition)
A round about movies starring Marvel characters made since 1970 seemed like fun... and it was... until they unveiled the full list. Apparently this is Fantastic Four 2 (with this being Fantastic Four 1, presumably), and this is The Punisher 2 (with this being Punisher 1, presumably). Can we look forward to future rounds that cover King Kong, King Kong 2 and King Kong 3? How about Psycho, Psycho II and Psycho 2?
I could go on.
You wouldn't get such stupidity on Pointless.
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6x07 (21/2/12 edition)
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Watson & Oliver
1x01 Episode 1
They really slagged this off in the Radio Times, and while it certainly wasn't perfect -- most sketches went on too long, some didn't even seem to have a joke -- it was quite good overall.
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BBCA Enjoys Viral Spread Of NYC Outdoor Ads
by Kent Gibbons (from Multichannel News)

BBC America is getting social media mileage out of a new outdoor advertising campaign it's launched in the New York City area.

Lots more detail at the link, including many examples (better quality here). This one's my favourite: