Friday 1 January 2021


Doctor Who
39x00 Revolution of the Daleks [New Year's Day special]
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Happy New Year Live!
A pre-filmed stand-in for the usual fireworks. It was alright. I'm certainly not going to moan about the inclusion of some broadly political topics, unlike those right-wing snowflakes on social media this morning.
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Hogmanay 2020
Meanwhile, in Scotland, they still had actual fireworks. Also music and interviews and stuff.
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Only Connect
Doctors: Medics v Gallifreyans [Series 16 Specials 3/4]
Music: Festival Fans v Choristers [Series 16 Specials 4/4]
Two episodes from the "Series 16 Specials", which thus challenge my episode numbering methodology. Maybe it's for the best I don't watch Only Connect on a regular basis...
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Talking Pictures
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University Challenge
Christmas 2020 ep10 Grand Final [season finale]
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Fare Well - Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2020

A prerecorded New Year's celebration from Edinburgh — you may have seen part of it on the news (like I did) but then been unsure where to find it (like I was), so here it is in full, because it's very good. (Click through above or below to watch it bigger.)