Wednesday 27 April 2022


The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Another hour-and-a-half’s play and I’m at 22%. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m not so much solving the puzzles as remembering them. But the Melee Island portion of the game is the bit I remember the most clearly by far, so it’ll be interesting to see if I still remember what to do later on — I could’ve told you a bunch of the Melee Island puzzles and their solutions before even starting to play the game, but I can remember very little of what comes later with such clarity.


Ron Gilbert’s Monkey Island Announcement Was a Joke ‘18 Years in the Making’
by Jay Peters (from The Verge)

In rare interview, Monkey Island designers tell Ars about long-awaited Return
by Kyle Orland (from Ars Technica)

Two more pieces about the forthcoming sixth Monkey Island game. The basic content is the same across all three interviews, because it's still early in the promotion cycle (they all share the same handful of screenshots, for example), but there are differing titbits in each if you're after all the information you can get.

Possibly the best quote from any of them comes at the end of the Verge piece, when Gilbert says:
when we were bringing people on, and we’d talk to them, the minute I mentioned, “I’m making a new Monkey Island…,” one person literally started crying. They were so happy that this was happening.