Sunday 23 August 2020


The Great British Bake Off
10x06 Dessert Week
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Jonathan Creek
4x01 The Coonskin Cap [2nd watch]
We're getting into the era of Jonathan Creek where I accidentally stopped watching, so I can't remember for certain which of these episodes I've seen; but I'm pretty sure I at least started series 4. (I appreciate this matters to no one but me.)
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The Rookie
2x09 Breaking Point

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2 new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week...

The Man Who Laughs (1928)
Perhaps because of the connections to other horror films, and because it inspired such a violent character in the Joker, and because of the publicity stills that inspired that look, and because its production studio (Universal) would shortly become renowned for their iconic interpretations of the cornerstones of horror (Dracula, Frankenstein, et al), The Man Who Laughs has often been cited as a horror movie. It isn’t. It's a romantic melodrama, with a bit of antiestablishment satire and a swashbuckling climax thrown in for good measure.
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Yes, God, Yes (2019)
It would be easy to label this a “cumming of age movie” (such a pun is certainly not below my level of humour), but it would feel slightly inaccurate. Put another way, if you’ve come to see Nancy Wheeler cum, you’ll be disappointed... Indeed, despite it providing the plot hook and title, wanking is only one part of the film’s exposure of religious hypocrisy.
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