Saturday 29 April 2023


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6x50 Week 10: Friday
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring — Extended Edition (2001/2002)
[5th or so watch]
[#32 in The All-New 100 Films in a Year Challenge 2023]

I haven't watched Lord of the Rings since before Covid? Huh — seems like it would've been the perfect thing for lockdown. Mind you, so would the Godfather trilogy, which I've been meaning to rewatch for about 20 years, and I haven't done that either, so...

Part of the reason for the delay was waiting for the 4K versions, then waiting for them to do the 4K release properly, which never happened, so then waiting for the 4K release to be on sale... Finally, I'm there. Worth it? On balance, yeah. The way it’s been scrubbed of grain was occasionally noticeable and disappointing, but overall it looked fab, especially the HDR grade.