Wednesday 17 March 2021


Death in Paradise
10x02 Episode 2
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2x05 The Three Days of the Hunter Job

1x05 I Went to Market

Audio Drama

Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures
275x01 The End of the Beginning Part 1: Death and the Desert

The last-ever entry in Big Finish's monthly series of Doctor Who audios, which have been running since July 1999. It's the end of an era, and all that (it's not The End of Big Finish doing Who, they're just mixing up how they manage their releases). It's been years since I listened to a Big Finish release (though I still buy quite a few — oopsie), but as I was there listening at the start back in summer 1999, it felt only right to mark the end too. (Seems a shame they didn't end on a round number like 300, but then that would've required keeping this format they want to retire going for another two years, so fair enough I guess.)