Monday 29 April 2013


1x20 Dead Man's Switch

The Good Life
3x04 I Talk to the Trees

Mad Men
6x04 To Have and To Hold

The Mentalist
5x19 Red Letter Day
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JN-T: The Life & Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner by Richard Marson
Chapter 11 - 12

Former head of drama and controller of BBC1 Jonathan Powell does not come off well in this book at all, especially in this section, dealing with the 1989 cancellation of Who. Naturally fans would blamed him and could be expected to be cross, but it's the comments from colleagues and other professionals that are most damning, not about the decision to ditch Who but his general attitude and ability. Russell T Davies gets particularly -- and appropriately -- blunt on page 318:

He gave his attention to The Barchester Chronicles or whatever was going to win him a BAFTA and let me tell you, 30 years later that stuff isn't coming to bite you on the arse but the Doctor Who stuff is. Your sins will find you out!