Monday 3 January 2011


Agatha Christie's Marple
5x04 The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side [season finale]
ITV's glut of Marple comes to an end with perhaps her best-known case (and it feels a rarity to see them adapt a story she's actually meant to be in). A rather good one it was too, with a grand twist; a better adaptation than the other version I've seen, though I did miss that one's excellent opening scene.
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Due South
2x06 The Mask [2nd watch]

How I Met Your Mother
6x02 Cleaning House
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Upstairs Downstairs [2010]
Part Three The Cuckoo [final episode]
Ultimately, I rather enjoyed that. It's nice to have a drama series that wraps everything up with a proper happy ending these days, too -- the lack of cliffhanger was refreshing. More please!
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