Friday 29 July 2022


6x06 Episode 6
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1x8903 The Finale [series finale]
I haven't watched Neighbours in over 20 years, but I was a regular viewer back in the day — it's part of my childhood — so I had to tune in for this final goodbye! Obviously I had no idea who most of the characters were (of course I didn't know the young people; the oldies was a constant game of "do I recognise them or not?") and I had to infer most of the storylines, but hey-ho, that is what it is. Overall, quite a sweet goodbye.
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Neighbours Made Me a Star
I hadn't intended to watch this — I assumed it was going to be an empty clip show of Neighbours actors in other productions — but the title actually belied that this was a kind of history of the soap through the lens of the people it made famous, so it was a fitting part of the finale evening. Glad I stuck around for it.
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Richard Osman's House of Games
4x10 Episode 10
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