Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Part 5 (of 8)
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Game of Thrones
2x01 The North Remembers
Well, I said I'd leave "a bit of a break" before starting season two, and here I am a year later! As season three gets underway on the tellybox, the end of my Sky Movies subscription means I'm finally (as in "after having it for a couple of weeks") turning to my season two box set to get caught up. It's good to be back in Westeros, even if my commitment to watching it legally in full Blu-ray quality means I'm a year behind everyone else. (Well, I say "everyone else" -- the relatively small number of people who have HBO or Sky Atlantic.)

Veronica Mars
1x01 Pilot
I've been very vaguely aware of this for years, but the recent interest provoked by the Kickstarter made me decide it was finally time to give it a go. Hard to tell from episode one -- it's an awful lot of establishing stuff -- but it definitely has promise.