Wednesday 16 May 2012


3x09 Bloody Ferlin
Will we get episode 11 next week? Or 12? Or some other? Who can tell! Not 5*, apparently.
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

Die Walk├╝re
[2nd half]
Seven hours down, only nine to go...

Have I Got News For You
43x05 (11/5/12 edition; extended repeat)
[Watch the extended version (again) on iPlayer.]

8x20 Post Mortem
Another great episode, I thought. Which is good because there's only two more to go...


Uncanny X-Men #10 by Kieron Gillen, Carlos Pacheco & Paco Diaz

This was the last issue before Uncanny went all AvX-y, so it's the last one I intended to read until that great big six-month crossover finished. I'd been thinking about ditching this anyway so it didn't feel like a hardship. But it ends on an intriguing note, the whole issue building into a crossover that had felt exploitatively pointless but now is interesting -- and now I want to know what happens!

But God, AvX is going to be expensive: at £2.65 an issue (+ p&p) it's over £40 for the main series alone, never mind the extra issues of Uncanny involved (and that's ignoring any other tie-in series or one-shots, like the #0 issue and AvX: Vs). And after a bit of reading on some sites apparently it's not very good actually. So maybe I won't bother after all. Or just read it on the sly like a very naughty boy.


First Trailer For US Sherlock Holmes Show Elementary And Official Blurb
by Brendon Connelly (from Bleeding Cool)
It doesn't look bad, but that character isn't Sherlock Holmes, he's just Generic Autistic Spectrum Detective. But what can you really tell from a couple of minutes? We'll see.