Tuesday 6 August 2013


The Americans
1x13 The Colonel [season finale]
Great music choices to open the premiere and close the finale!
I think across this season The Americans has grown from a show I liked into one I love. I'll really miss it now -- can't wait for season two!
[Watch it from 24th August on ITV Player.]

Cowboy Bebop
1x01 Asteroid Blues
I've long heard how good Cowboy Bebop is, but me being me I'm only getting round to it now. I've actually had a US DVD set for ages, but the recent release of a UK Blu-ray, with limited packaging and new-outside-Japan extras, was irresistible to me. I'm glad I did too, because a) it looks great in HD, and b) it's finally prompted me to watch the series, and on the evidence of episode one it is indeed excellent.
Normally I'd view something like this in clumps of two or three episodes, but it felt a bit too special just to plough through. Though that's no guarantee I'll show such self restraint in the future.

Horrible Histories
5x01 Episode 1
The final season! But there's another 11 episodes to go yet, so we'll leave the sadness for a while.

2x04 Episode Four