Friday 9 August 2013


Cowboy Bebop
1x04 Gateway Shuffle

Doctor Who
1x07 The Escape
I'm harbouring very mixed feelings about this story. On the one hand there are great bits -- the Daleks, of course, who are indeed instantly iconic -- but for all that there's the dodgy bits -- this episode the Thals, and their acting. Doctor Who Magazine's Mighty 200 poll ranked this the 37th greatest Who story, and I'd go so far as to say it's only that high because it's the Daleks' debut. That said, there's still over half of it to go, so who knows.

2x04 Foam Finger
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Top Gear
20x06 (4/8/13 edition) [season finale]
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Sharknado sinks Jaws to become Syfy’s biggest film of the year
by Emma Daly (from Radio Times)

The shark-cum-tornado flick attracted four times the UK subscription channel’s usual primetime average

I have it recorded...